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A Gastronomic Experience

A Unique Culinary Experience Awaits

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About Us

From Classic Favorites To Innovative Creations.

Portabella Was Born Out Of A Dream To Provide Hudson With A Culinary Haven That Combines Flavors From Around The World With A Touch Of Local Authenticity.

What We Believe In

Our Founders Envisioned A Place Where Every Dish Tells A Story, And Every Guest Feels Like A Cherished Friend.

  • Ricardo Carbone

    Chef & Co-Founder

    With A Passion For Creating Unforgettable Dining Experiences, Chef Ricardo Carbone Carries A Commitment To Fresh, Locally-Sourced Ingredients And Innovative Flavor Combinations Blending Traditional Techniques With A Modern Twist To Create A Culinary Experience That Delights The Senses. Chef Ricardo Is Available To Curate Bespoke Culinary Experiences For Private Events, Ensuring That Each Gathering Is A Memorable Occasion. From Intimate Dinners To Large Celebrations. Indulge Your Senses And Embark On A Gastronomic Journey At Portabella, Where Culinary Artistry Takes Center Stage.

  • Devin Kelley

    Manager & Co-Founder

    Behind The Bar, I Don't Just Mix Drinks, I Create Liquid Masterpieces. From Classic Concoctions To Innovative Signature Sips, Every Drink Is A Work Of Art. With A Keen Eye For Detail And A Dedication To Quality, I Believe In The Magic Of Hospitality. Your Time At Portabella Isn't Just A Meal, It's A Performance. I'm Here To Entertain, Engage, And Ensure That Every Visit Is A Memorable Journey. Whether You're A Regular Or A First-Timer, Join Me At The Bar And Let's Embark On A Journey Of Taste, Camaraderie, And Unforgettable Moments. Cheers To Good Times From Your Friendly Neighborhood Bar Manager.

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